2021 Mifflin Square Park Schematic Design

After years of work and collaboration, the Mifflin Coalition is pleased to share the updated design for Mifflin Square Park! This design took the work of the concept plan and was able to get more into details and specifics of how to make the community’s vision a reality. There are more steps to go in making this vision a reality, but thanks to the work of residents and stakeholders, this design has come a long way.

Thank you to the organizations, residents, neighbors, and stakeholders who joined the Mifflin Coalition to bring this design to life! You can see the design at the image or the link below. If you want to get involved in making this community-led vision a reality, reach out to the Mifflin Coalition at 267-536-9846 or by emailing msp@seamaac.org!

Mifflin Square Park Schematic Design (PDF)