Redesigning Mifflin Square Park

SEAMAAC’s Mifflin Square Park Engagement, Planning & Implementation project seeks to build community power and prosperity by improving and implementing physical and operational changes for Mifflin Square Park with broad resident engagement and ensure that current residents have a say in the neighborhood’s development and benefit from it.

By building local capacity and community stewardship of the Park and surrounding area the program strives to establish a strong neighborhood coalition with an emphasis on ensuring the park reflects and serves the diverse neighborhood that surrounds it.

Since 2017, this resident-led effort has resulted in a completed Concept Plan for Mifflin Square Park, the launch of Vendor Village at Mifflin Square Park, the commitment of a $1.2 million Philadelphia Water Department project to begin in Spring 2021, and a $1.5 million Outdoor Recreation Legacy Partnership grant to begin construction on a first phase of the park’s redesign. In late 2020 or early 2021, a complete Schematic Design of Mifflin Square Park will also be finished to help guide the remainder of funding for the park’s full redevelopment.

There is more funding and organizing needed to fully complete the park redevelopment, and this project will only succeed if neighbors continue to stay involved and organized! To get involved, contact or join the Friends of Mifflin Square!