Join us to make a Neighborhood Plan

  1. Project overview
  2. Neighborhood Conversation Starters
  3. 2021 Neighborhood Conversations
  4. 2022 Draft Community Plan

1. Project overview

Community organizations and residents in neighborhoods around Mifflin Square Park are coordinating and cataloging their shared priorities for improving life for residents in this neighborhood. We will use this written plan to advocate and fight together for affordable housing, good transportation, parks, community institutions, and more. Call 267-536-9846 or email to ask questions and get involved.

Some of the issues already raised are affordable housing, resident power, business & shopping, bikes, buses, local history, garbage, parking, parks, safety, schools, sidewalks, neighborhood gardens, mental health, and building a diverse and caring community.

This plan seeks to build community power and prosperity, improve Mifflin Square Park, strengthen businesses on South 7th Street and other neighborhood business corridors, preserve and expand affordable housing, and advance accountable development. It first and foremost seeks to build the power of existing residents to shape its future and to prevent displacement.

What is the Area?

Why Should I Get Involved?
We are building our coalition working to improve life for people living here. We will only succeed if enough people join us. Over the next year there will be many meetings and input sessions to ensure that this plan is guided by the wishes of neighborhood organizations and residents. If you’d like to participate, attend or host a meeting, or provide feedback, please email or call (267) 536-9846.

Who is Leading this Project?
This project is led by SEAMAAC, the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, the Friends of Mifflin Square Park, Karen Community Philadelphia, the South 7th Street Shops Advisory Committee & United Communities of Southeast Philadelphia (now known as Greater Philadelphia Community Alliance)

What Is the Timeline?
2021: We visited groups in the neighborhood to discuss issues and gather information, and researched the area at the library and using the census. To help start conversations, we produced an overview video, and wrote a neighborhood newspaper. Our coalition then collaborated to draft the plan’s goals.  

2022: We will share a full draft plan and distribute our neighborhood newspaper, then finalize and publish our final plan and organize to put it into action!

In association with Registered Community Organizations 7th St Community Civic Association, Dickinson Square West Civic Association, East Passyunk Crossing Civic Association, Lower Moyamensing Civic Association, and Whitman Council

And with government partners Councilman Squilla, Philadelphia City Planning Commission, Philadelphia Commerce Department, and SEPTA.

Check out the Neighborhoods Plan introductory brochure below—it has already been shared at homes, businesses, and community centers across the neighborhood. You can also download a PDF (3 mb).

Supported by the Regional Foundation.

2. Neighborhood Conversation Starters

Neighborhood Conversation Starter Video in English

Iniciador de conversación en el vecindario video en español


Neighborhood Newspaper

Neighborhood Policy Guide

3. 2021 Neighborhood Conversations

In March & April 2021, we hosted six Neighborhood Conversations via ZOOM and accepted comments via the Neighborhood Comment Form below.

In case you didn’t catch a live Neighborhood Conversation, read here about what residents have been discussing:

4. 2022 Draft Community Plan

Following 16 months of research, discussion, and debate, our coalition has published a draft of Our Plan for Our Neighborhood: Community Plan for South East Philadelphia between 4th and 9th Streets, Mifflin Street to Oregon Avenue. Please have a look below or download a PDF (30 mb), and share comments, suggestions, and revisions by email or using the google form.