Announcing the Mifflin Square Park & Neighborhood Planning Process!

We are building a coalition to improve Mifflin Square Park and the neighborhood it serves, and will only succeed if enough people join the effort to make the changes we want to see. Over the next 18 months, we will seek out people who know and care about this place to shape our planning, provide and give feedback on ideas, and organize politically to push to make our ideas into reality. In early 2017, we will reach out to organize neighborhood discussions; please let us know if you’d like to attend or host a discussion.
(215) 467–0690
South Broad Street, Philadelphia, PA 19148


Project Schedule

January–March 2017         Beginning discussions

We will visit many groups and meetings in the neighborhood to discuss the issues and gather information and ideas, and organize a series of neighborhood convenings to bring people and ideas together.

April–August 2017         Building Agreements

We will draft and publish a draft plan incorporating what we learned so far and showing options for everyone to see and discuss.

September-October 2017         Testing & Revising

We will once again visit groups and meetings in the neighborhood to share the draft plan to gather thoughts, reactions, and suggestions, and organize a series of neighborhood convenings to set the final direction for the plan.

November 2017–February 2018         Finalizing the Plan

We will draft and publish the final plan and organize the community to put it into action!

Project team

Partners (in formation) SEAMAAC, Friends of Mifflin Square Park, Councilman Mark Squilla, Philadelphia Parks and Recreation, 7th Street Civic Association, Bhutanese American Organization–Philadelphia, Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia, United Communities Southeast Philadelphia, and The City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program’s Restored Spaces Initiative

Consultant team Hector urban design, planning & civic arts with Alexa Bosse & Marc Norman (design & planning) and V. Lamar Wilson Associates (civic engagement)

 Download 11/3/16 Kick-off handout (PDF)

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