7th Street Walkshop


From SEAMAAC’s Somaly Osteen: The Walkshop was conducted on February 2, 2017 starting at 1pm and lasted until 3pm.  There was about 20 people from different organizations met at I heart Cambodia restaurant. The Walkshop turned out to be productive. Conversations took place between the stakeholders and Brian the owner of Nusantara an Indonesian convenience store, as well as Samathea the owner of Save More Pharmacy was a significant. I am excited to see the cooperation between the community, SEAMAAC, CAGP, 7th Street Civic Association and other relevant sectors. Nobody should feel left out but to have a voice within the community. The beautiful characteristics of the diversity of this community are a great asset that everyone should acknowledge. Different authentic restaurants, convenience stores, places to shop that all represent different cultures is an amazing experience. Furthermore, Mifflin Square Park, located a block away from the south 7th street is another great asset that makes the community even more vibrant.


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