Neighborhoods Plan Steering Committee Meeting

On February 23rd, the Neighborhoods Plan Steering Committee met to discuss upcoming Neighborhood Conversations that will take place throughout March and April. The committee, made up of neighborhood associations, nonprofit organizations, and park friends groups, participated in a neighborhood conversation to finalize meeting design. Meetings will be hosted in the coming weeks by SEAMAAC, the Friends of Mifflin Square Park, the Karen Community of Philadelphia, and the Cambodian Association of Greater Philadelphia. That schedule will be posted on this website soon!

Mifflin Square Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee Kickoff Meeting

On October 20th, the Mifflin Square Neighborhood Plan Steering Committee held a virtual kickoff meeting to begin the neighborhood planning process! Stakeholders from across the neighborhood joined to talk about the planning process, key issues that should be addressed in the plan, and upcoming outreach efforts to ensure that all neighborhood voices are heard. The Steering Committee will continue to guide the planning process to ensure that all voices are heard and reflected in the plan as this process moves forward.

Most importantly, the Mifflin Square Neighborhood Plan Survey was launched! Click HERE to fill this out to make sure that your voice is heard in this process, whether you are able to attend a community meeting or not.