Love Your Park Solo Cleanups

Although monthly MSP cleanups aren’t in the cards right now, we still want to keep the park clean, safe, and welcoming for all its users! If you have the time, we encourage everyone to go out and collect trash from the park on your own.

Check out the above video and this post from Love Your Park on how you can sign up so that your work is counted, and even get a free cleanup kit while supplies last!

We will share and update this page with more information on resuming group cleanup days as it become available.

One thought on “Love Your Park Solo Cleanups

  1. I am just concerned about all the drug deals that started to happen in the last 3/4 months on the 6th and Wolf side , along with drug attics and drunk homeless people that continue to leave drug paraphernalia and trash all over the place. They drink themselves to oblivion and pass out over here on this side of park. They leave all the beer bottles and trash and don’t care. The drug dealers are meeting their business on Wolf and 6th side of park and serve them right out in the open and then walk back up to 7th and Wolf corner to continue their drug sales. I see them every single day do this. Is there a plan to stop all of this? I own my home and property taxes keep going up and the drugs and trash keeps getting worse. You can fix this park up all you want, but if the drugs and violence and trash isn’t addressed, it’s just a waste of $750,000,000. ! I don’t want to engage with the drug dealers because they will probably get violent with me and I’ve already confronted the drunks and drug attics and they just ignore me and don’t care. I’ve called the police and they don’t care either. It just disgusts me that these degenerates can get away with all this. This is a great park and neighborhood but it could be better than great if all of these concerns were addressed and dealt with. And one more thing, can we figure out a way to get these dog owners to clean up their dog poop after their pet does their business? I have a dog and I’ve never left her poop anywhere! It’s just disgusting and disrespectful and it shows that they really don’t care about anything or anybody but themselves. Thanks and I hope and pray that all of these issues are taken care of at some point. This neighborhood deserves it.


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