Construction Beginning at Mifflin Square!

Beginning in January and February of 2021, the Philadelphia Water Department will be starting construction on the Mifflin Square Park Green Infrastructure Project, continuing throughout 2021. This project will rebuild each of the 4 corner entrances to the park, install a rain garden near the 5th and Wolf corner, and build a seating plaza at the corner of 6th and Ritner with a design that community members developed in 2019.

This project will help better manage rainwater runoff from Mifflin Square and the surrounding neighborhood and represents the first phase of making the Making Room for Everyone Concept Plan a reality. Construction will last into early 2022 and residents can be kept up to date by visiting or contacting the project team. Residents should contact the project’s inspector – Ken Wendell at 215-200-0696 or – for on-site questions and help. If you are unable to contact the inspector, call the construction engineer, Frank Stollenwerk at 215-964-8036.

Access to the park will be maintained throughout 2021 with construction activity limited to these 4 corners of the park.

Residents near the park have been left the flier seen below in their doors!

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