Mifflin Public Discussion with young people from Southeast by Southeast at CAGP 8th Street


From Southeast by Southeast’s Melissa Fogg: Southeast by Southeast Burmese and Bhutanese after school students visited the Cambodian Association’s after school program to talk about their dreams for outdoor space at Mifflin Square! Kids were particularly excited about swimming pools, full-size soccer courts, and a hill with a tower and tunnel…but decided that they would be happy with improved seating, sporting facilities, barbecue areas, and flower gardens. Some of the kids felt “too cool” for the event on their way over, but were complete converts by 5:00. They are excited for changes to the park to begin, and now feel a real sense of ownership and engagement with the design process!

Mifflin Public Discussion at Taggart School


From BCA Jaganath Adhikari: I attended Taggart School, the Nepali speaking parents were there with one African-American parent. The meeting was about the improvement and remodeling of the Mifflin Square Park located between Wolf-Ritner Street and South 6th and South 5th streets. All the participants were excited about the meeting as they want to see the improvement in park. Kind of remodeling and renovation. Some suggested that there should not be food selling at the park. Instead it need to be neat and clean. There should be more benches for the people to sit and watch their kids play.. Some suggested that there should be bathrooms for both males and females. There should be separate playing area for big kids and small kids so that there won’t be any problem. People also want some flowers and water fountains. And also if possible it would be better if the park is half fenced, they said.

Each and every one hope that the park will be a peaceful and quiet place to spend time and relax. The funniest idea was that some want to install security camera and some want swimming pool inside the park. Beside some jokes there should not be any soccer, volleyball or basketball playing grounds. Some gave the example of the park that is on 1700 Broad St beside the CHOP and Health Center 2 and some gave the example of Franklin Square park and many more. As there is diverse community around the Mifflin park so each and every suggestion cannot work so I think the park need to be design in a general.